+ 5-axes drilling & tufting brush machine
  - Ibrush-ecotech
  - Ibrush-5A3H
  - Full Auto Brush Making Machine
  - industrial brush making machine
+ Painting Brush Making Machine
  - Painting brush assembly machine
  - Brush Bristles Mixing Machine
  - Brush Ferrule Punching Machine
+ Automatic dental floss picks making machine
  - 20 cavities dental floss picks making ma
  - 48 cavities dental floss picks making ma
+ Toothbrush making machines
  - Type-A
  - Type-B combination machine
+ Brush twisting machine
+ Brush Injection Moulds
  - adult mould
  - Junior mould
  - Tool brush handle
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   For the over 20 years,the ibrushtech group has become the biggest company good at brush making machine industry in china. We improve our technology to catch up with european machinery year by year,month by month.Recently.we also pay much attention to the overseas market.because we have a powerful high-tech research engineers team.we can push our new product to global market very quickly.and our  product  are listed as below:






5 相关产品:牙刷包装机,牙刷全自动包装机

 1. toothbrush machine,tufting and trimming toothbrush machine.
2. Steel brush machine,drilling and tufting combination brush machine.
3. Highspeed brush machine to produce shoes brush and brooms.
4. 5-axes brush machine: 5-axes twin drilling and tufting brush machine, 5-axes single  drilling and tufting brush machine.

  In china,we are the only one company who have english speaking engineers and english speaking salesman.It is very important for aftersale service.

   目前在中国大陆,我们的销售员既精通外语口语,又懂专业机械技术交流。(key words:brush machine,brush making machine,toothbrush machines,steel brush machines,broom machine,China brush machine,trimming machine,brush filament),our machine users as below are for examples.

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