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FAQ of 5-axes single drilling&tufting machine

1.How many holes are there on this broom ?

there are 90 holes on this broom,however,it is also easy to make brush with moreholes even 200holes.


2.What speed is this machine running?

the maxmum speed of the motor system is 450 holes/min.

normal speed 350holes/min.

both the folded filament height and holes distance affect  the working speed.


3.What safety mechanismĄ¯s are built into this machine?

      there are many different types of  alarm safety mechanism in this machine such as air pressure warning system,

filament jam warning system and metal wire jam warning system.

-   3.1    does the machine know when there is a jam with the bristle?

Yes,if the bristle be stoped in the filling tool , there will be warning signal in the touch screen to

display which part have breakdown.

-   3.2     If there is a jam how do we clear it from the parts?

Yes,if there is a jam in the filling tool,there are two steps to clear it.

firstly, use the  long nose plier  to pull out filament from the filling tool.

if invalid, use tools to download the filling tool,open the filling tool,clear it with air gun.

and thenreinstall  it.

since thissolution  is  very important for each kind of machine . we will make short video for this.


-     3.3   Does the machine know if there is no broom in the clamp before drilling?

yes,when drilling, if the worker forget to put the wooden back,the clamp will stop to work automatically.

-  3.4       Does the machine know if there is no broom in the clamp before tufting?


yes,when tufting, if the worker forget to put the wooden back,the clamp will stop to work automatically.

-    3.5     Does the machine know if it loses air feed?

yes,there is a air pressure warning set in the machine.the computer willshow the

problem automatically if it loses air feed.


4.Does the machine have a central lubrication system that distributes lubricant all over the machine?

yes,there is a central lubrication system that distributes lubricant .

accurately speaking , it can cover 90% parts of the machine.some times, the worker need to lubricate

in hand with a lubricant-can.


5.Is the clamping system universal for all flat broom backs?

Can the clamps be adjusted for any size ranging from 450mm down to 200mm?

yes,these machine  clamping system is available for many kinds of broom backs arange from 200mm to 450mm.


6.What supporting documentation and videos does the machine come with?

we will deliver machine with english manual instruction .

if you need theoperating video,we can make it exclusively for you.

frankly speaking,all the customers at home and broad should dispatch a skilled worker

to our factory tohave a trainning for 1 or 2 weeks.

if we make video for you, we can't ensure that your worker could be trained well.


7..Can you email us a copy of the manual so we can ask you any questions now?

 we have printed manual which   will accompany with the machine.


8.Will the machine have a problem tufting using 0.3mm ¨C 1mm bristle?

Please provide a list of bristle types and sizes the machine supports.


the machine is applicable to  filament of 0.3--1mm.

bristle types:PP filamen,PET filament,PVC and Nylon filament.And  the waved filament

of all sorts.

all these filament aranging from 0.3--1mm could be tufted easily.


9.Will the machine run natural fibre bristles? (coco fibre, natural fibre, horse hair)

the natural bristles which quality are straight and clean are also suitble for the machine.

if you mix the pet and horese hair together to tuft, the machine could also work well.


10.What is the shortest and longest unfolded length of bristle allowed on the machine?

it is from 5 cm to 23cm . or the folded filament height is  from 2 cm to 11cm.



11.What is the programming method used for the holes? Can the design be done on a computer and transferred to the machine?

we use the encoder to make programm for holes.

the programm cant be designed on a computer it cant be transfered to the machine.

we suggest customer's worker in our factory  to learn the programming carefully,so they will know how to use it

when they come back .

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